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omnipotentsushi's Journal

Just your average (whatever that is) 27 year old floating through life, trying to find a meaning behind it all.

I spend my days trying to balance finding a fulfilling job in an area I actually went to school for; working on finding a grad school so I can really find a job I want; spending quality time with my husband (that doesn't involve video games- that's the hard part); playing video games (with my husband :P ); working on various different crafts; and taking care of our pets.

I tend to post randomly about events in my life, mostly everyday, mundane, things; but they're still important to me! I hope to keep this journal as a way to look back on these years and remember how my life was when I'm old and crotchety ;)

I'm trying to break out of my comfort zone and be more active in the comms I'm in and with this journal in general, so if you would like to get to know me better and read about my endeavors (and rantings) through life, please feel free to friend me! I'm always looking for people of similar interests or just fun people to interact with :)
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